About Us

The Utility Supply Management Alliance, USMA

With deregulation and re-regulation of the Electric and Gas Utilities industries, the demands of the customer are also changing, making it necessary for the Electric and Gas Utilities to pay significant attention to cost and competition.The supply chain for material and equipment services has a significant impact on the cost of electricity and gas. Hence there are great opportunities to contribute to the bottom line through reduced cost as a result of improved reorganization and management of the supply chain process.

The role of the USMA is to understand the sophisticated workings of the supply chain to provide its customers (utilities, suppliers, manufacturers, etc.) with skills and tools to realize profit opportunities in the supply chain. These skills and tools will be provided to the USMA customer through workshops at its annual conference.

The USMA is a multi-national association of individuals serving the electric, gas and water utilities.


The USMA is committed to fostering excellence in the understanding and practice of “Supply Chain Management.”


We will be the premier alliance of utilities and suppliers in supply chain management for a competitive environment.


  • To reduce overall supply chain costs by providing a progressive forum
    for utilities and suppliers.
  • To demonstrate aggressive and responsible leadership,
    responsiveness to customer needs, and continuous improvement in
    supply chain management.
  • To improve service and profitability of utilities and suppliers.


  • Provide ideas for making money, saving money and improving productivity.
  • Provide planned networking with suppliers and utility representatives.
  • Provide exposure to latest technology.
  • Provide education.
  • Assure learning (vs. exposure).
  • Provide good value (time and money).
  • Provide leadership in supply chain management.
  • Provide exposure to latest trends.

Antitrust Policy of the Utility Supply Management Alliance (USMA)

USMA provides an educational forum and a peer to peer networking environment under programs requiring adherence to principles of openness, voluntariness, due process and non-discrimination. USMA, therefore, brings significant, benefits to the electric utility supply chain community.

USMA nevertheless recognizes that it must not be a vehicle for individuals or organizations to reach unlawful agreements regarding prices, terms of sale, customers, or markets or engage in other aspects of anti-competitive behavior. USMA’s policy, therefore, is to take all appropriate measures to comply with U.S. antitrust laws and foreign competition laws and USMA expects the same from its conference participants, board members and volunteers when acting on behalf of USMA or during any USMA sponsored activity.

Approved by the USMA Board of Directors
June 18, 2003